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How Do I Keep My Account Safe?

We thought about what you need to do to keep your Hardalist account safe. You can safely keep your account if you pay attention to the following three items:

• Use a strong and unique password that you do not use on other social media networks, websites, mail providers, etc.

• Look out for suspicious links and make sure you are first at hardalist.com when logging in from the internet.

• Ensure that your computer software, including your browser, is updated with the latest updates and virus protection software.

 By the power of passwords! You have the power!

Create a strong and unique password for your Hardalist account.

• Create a password containing of at least 8 characters. We say 8, but longer is better. Of course it is also important to remember the password later on.

• Prepare yourself a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

• We know it’s hard, boring, and you keep on forgetting passwords. But keep in mind a different password for each social media platform, website, and mail provider.

• When you create your phone number, birthday, wedding anniversary, etc. Do not use personal information.

• Do not share your password also to your lover! We bet she wouldn’t want to share her password with you after that. That’s good you’re all set!

 Avoid imitations of Hardalist!

Identity thieves often deceive you with a connection to a fake home page. These web sites may look like the Hardalist home page, but they won’t. Quickly browse through the links in your browser’s address bar and make sure you are at hardalist.com before you enter your password for your Hardalist account.

 We don’t ask your password by sending E-mail!

In no way or at all, we ask your password via sending you an e-mail.

If we suspect that your account has suffered identity theft or has been seized, we can reset your cipher to prevent misuse of your account by the person who seized your account. In this case we send you a hardalist.com password reset link by e-mail.

 Update your computer, browser and anti-virus software!

Look, this is not just for us, but keep your browser and operating system up-to-date with the latest versions and patches, patches generally run against specific security threats. Updating is often tedious. If you say postponing, you are closing the update, but do not stay away from updates if it matters. Also, be sure to regularly scan your computer against viruses, spyware, and adware.

Most importantly, if you are using an open computer, be sure to log out of your Hardalist account when you are finished using it.