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Managing your followers

 How do I make my account a Private Account?

You may also have a Private Account. So you can make sure that someone who wants to follow you has to send you a request before you can confirm. Your followers may only be approved by your submissions, and Your submissions will not appear in search engine results. To do this you need to enter the account and go to the settings menu. We find the rest, we hide it, because we have it.

Approve or reject a follower request:

If you can set up your as a Private account, those who want to see your mailings must send you a following request. Following requests appear on your Notifications tab. To accept or reject a request, touch Confirm or Delete. If you accidentally delete a request, you will need to return to the requestor and send it back.

 How does your Blocking a user feature work?

You go to a profile and click on the icon … and you can block a user from the menu. This person will no longer be able to follow you and you will receive a warning when you visit this person’s profile. To unblock an account you have blocked, you can also enter the person’s account and click on the icon. I mean I have to try it. If you do not work, you will get a mail from us and we will update it according to the situation …

 How does your mute user feature work?

Mute is a feature that allows you to unload an account without tracking it or unblocking it from your home time stream. Do not worry, the accounts received are not informed that you have received them, and you can open them at any time. So we tried to get him.

You need to go to the Settings menu to access the list of accounts that you have received. (Try this if we have done it.) Go to the user’s profile, click the … icon to get an account, and click Mute user from the pop-up menu. You can do the the opposite, by following the same steps and unmute users.

 What are your Following Limits? Do I have a follow-up limit?

If you try to follow an account and see a warning you can not follow more people at the moment, etc.(we do not remember the message right now), there is a problem. You may have encountered this problem because of couple reasons.

a) We may have suspended your account. If you have violated the Mustard Laws, we have taken the account. Learn more about the Suspended account.

b) You may have reached the follow limit. Hardalist imposes reasonable limits to help prevent system difficulties and to prevent abuse.

c) All (Confusing option)

d) None (wrong answer)

In the meantime, our Following Limits are:

1. In total, you can follow up to 5,000 accounts. Well, some accounts have exceeded this limit, so there are 5,000 more followers, so we gave them an extra limit. A calculation based on the ratio between the number of followers and the number of followers has exceeded the limit of 5.000 due to an additional limit we have given. This limit is different for each account and your tracker count is based on the tracked count rate; and we do not tell you to keep it in our possession.

2. In addition to the account-based limits set forth above, each Hardalist account can follow up to 1,000 accounts per day. We apply this limit to prevent abuse from spam accounts.

3. We also have a variety of measures to avoid aggressive uses. If you have reached the account-based following limit (5,000 accounts) and are reading it right now, we hope we can understand that you need to wait for more followers to follow up more accounts. Also check out Keeping your account safe.