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Your Profile

 Which informations can be included to a Profile?

Your profile is the message that you sent to the universe… You can submit information such as your birth date, your location, your website.

If your profile is not public, your posts, the posts you’ve been tagged and your saved posts are visible to other users. In the meantime, we do not let people know your gender, phone number, and interests.

 How do I add or edit the information displayed in my profile?

You can see the informations you added on your profile, below your profile picture. To add or edit your profile info:

1. Go to your profile.

2. Click or tap Edit Profile.

3. Update the information you want.

4. Remember to save!

 How to add or modify profile image & cover image?

To add one or change your current profile image from your computer or your phone,

1. Go to your profile, click or touch the Edit Profile tab.

2. Click Update Profile Image or Update Cover Image.

3. You can upload an image by choosing one from your gallery or using your phone camera.

4. Crop your image

5. And Save it.

For best quality, your profile resolution should be at least 400 X 400 pixels and your cover photo should be at least 1500x 500 pixels.

 How do I manage my tagged posts?

Other users can see the posts you’ve been tagged under the Tagged Posts section in your profile. This section can be public or private according to your needs. You can remove the tags from a post you tagged or hide from the profile.

You can remove the label from the screen by pressing the    mark on the top right of the relevant send (standing vertically), prevent the label from appearing on your profile, report the user to the sender, or block the person tagging you.

 How do I save a post by someone else and how do I manage this posting?

You store your bookmarked (saved) posts below the  section in your profile.

You can bookmark (save for later) any post you like. You can use this feature by simply pressing the  icon. It will be activated and will look like .

We will send notification when someone saves your post.

By the way!  To make your saved posts hidden:

Go to the Settings menu, set who can see your saved posts.

You can also check out Your homepage.